Sunday, December 19, 2010

christmas shopping done

newest obsession- knit circle scarf. got one for my mom for christmas. yess. 
ok so i cant go shopping without getting something for myself...
sooo, i got some new shoes for work

they are from Target and so comfortable! they are sold out online, so of course i had to get them at the store immediately! 

p.s. my hair was a mess todayy. 


  1. Messy hair tends to be cute lots of times! :) Love your outfit. And adorable shoes! :)


  2. such gorgeous style. great layering, but i think your style'd be even lovelier if you replace the shirt with the one made of linen, without any pattern, probably broken white or white would go well:)

  3. I am pretty obsessed with circle scarves myself. Super cute!

    And I looove those shoes. I wish we had a Target in Vancouver!