Thursday, December 9, 2010

nachos anyone?

shoes: Payless. pants: Express. top: Kenzie c/o Plato's closet. blazer, Gap c/o Platos closet.

today i had lunch with a few friends during my lunch break. after reviewing the menu, i decided on just getting the nachos off the appetizer section. 20 minutes later...there is a HUGE mound of food infront of me. 'is this what i ordered?' is running through my mind. yup, a huge 'ol mound of nachos. there was no way i could tackle it alone! my friends couldnt even top it off! i had to take home some of it, and it still looks like there is enough for one more entire meal! goodness! next time i will order of the kids menu!

1 comment:

  1. love that blazer! I ALWAYS have that problem at restaurants, the portions are so amazingly huge :)