Monday, December 13, 2010


boots: beehive shoes. tights: target. dress: thrifted. necklace: F21.

on the way home from work, i noticed my car wasnt spitting out hot air like it always does. i ran a few has to be warm by now, i thought. 

nope. still no hot air. 

i called my dad and was really upset because i did not know the cause of this act. its below freezing and i don't have a warm car...

once i got off the phone with my dad i noticed a woman walking down the sidewalk with a few grocery bags and a piece of luggage. 

reality check. i am so thankful....i have a car, i have a warm apartment, i have a job....

the heat in my car can wait...time to be thankful because i am blessed with what i have. 

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