Sunday, December 5, 2010


boots, Famous Footwear. jeans, F21. white tee, Hanes. jacket, Juicy. scarf, F21. purse, Plato's Closet.

I needed a comfy outfit to run errands today. I picked out this sweet little outfit, and headed out my apartment, locking the bedroom door before shutting it behind me. I walked into the kitchen and rooted around in my bag for my keys....and couldnt find them. They were locked in my bedroom. It was only noon and the front office didnt open until 1, so I had to patiently wait around for an hour so they could come unlock my room. I didnt have to be anywhere pressing, but I was just set on running my errands and coming back home, and to delay it an entire hour...i was a little frustrated.

I definitely did not bundle up enough. Turns out, it was 37 degrees outside. whoops. however, i did have good luck while shopping at Plato's closet. I found a brown BURBERRY raincoat. its adorable! I also found a navy blue blazer. it was quite a successful trip!


  1. wow this is such a cute outfit! bummer about your keys, but your errands sound fun anyway :)


  2. Cute outfit girlie:) What would we do without high boots and jeggings? I practically live my life in them during my classes.

    And also cute blog! following you!

  3. such a cute outfit :) and so annoying about the keys! <3