Tuesday, November 9, 2010

beautiful day in november

boots, BCBG. jeans, F21. shirt, Old Navy. vest, TJ Maxx. belt, F21. 

I love getting dressed up for class. I feel more productive. Its way better than going in your pajamas! I decided to swear off ugg boots and northface jackets for the rest of the semester. It might be tough when temperatures drop below freezing, and I have to walk to class!

I got tons of compliments today! A friend in the journalism hallway said, "you look cute today!" and as I say thank you, I also hear someone else saying thank you. Uh oh- this could be awkward. I turned around and it was my newsreporting professor that said thank you as well. He laughed and said- "She's always complimenting me!" -Apparently he was just joking around!!

Everyone enjoy this sunny november day! Things are about to get really chilly around here! 

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