Saturday, November 20, 2010

its all good

nail polish, F21.

growing up, i never ever painted my nails. i used to be a little thumb sucker and i hated having my nails painted. it tasted bad. i hope you all are happy to know i kicked that habit (a long time ago) and absolutely love painting my nails now. this is my current fave. the color of the polish is called 'nude' for some odd reason, but in real life, it is more of a purpley/brownish color. pretty hard to describe but i plan on keeping my nails coated in this wonderful color all winter long. 


  1. oh my gosh I lllooovveee this color! looks like I need to plan a trip to F21 immediately <3 your boots in the last post are toooo good!


  2. The colour looks great! I like to paint mine too but it never lasts more than one day :(