Tuesday, November 23, 2010

giving back

shoes, American Eagle via Daisy Exchange. gray cords, J Crew via Daisy Exchange. top, thrifted. black cardi, Old Navy via Plato's Closet.

today my office went to the local food pantry and helped out. that's why i am dressed down just a little bit. it was really neat to get together with my team and work in a different environment, one that helps out the community. 
i was so pumped when i found these gray cords at Daisy Exchange (a resale shop). i found the shoes when i bought the pants, and they just went really well together. 

how do you give back to your community?


  1. ohh gray corduroys!! i want a pair. and i need a new pair of black flats as well. girl, i think you are just making my christmas wishlist for me.

    that's great that you went to the local food pantry. what a fun break from work! i'm embarrassed to say i haven't volunteered in a while, and i definitely need to get back into it.

  2. i love that you're giving back! i go to school where there's a lot of homeless people. i love buying them food!

  3. You look so cool! And I adore the name of your blog!
    Kristina J.