Wednesday, November 10, 2010

work work work all day long

pants, Old Navy. button-up, Old Navy. cardigan, Ann Taylor Loft. belt, F21. necklace, Charlotte Russe.

have i mentioned how much i love where i work? its so awesome! i have been there since may, and it has been such a blessing. i have learned SO much. it has been such a great opportunity to get out there in the field and just dive head-first into public relations. i also work with the most amazing people ever! everyone is always in a super-peppy mood, and always happy to be at the office! its a great atmosphere.

on a fashion note- i had no idea that 'professional business-wear' could be so fun! at first, i was intimidated by suits and button-ups and slacks....but hey, i have caught on! i enjoy wearing heels every day to work! honestly, i think i work better when i am dressed up- as opposed to wearing pjs! 

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