Wednesday, November 10, 2010

thrifty finds.

i love finding good deals. if you know anything about me- you would already know that. i am a very very thrifty shopper. i love upscale second-hand shops. plato's closet. daisy exchange. those stores call my name. every week i visit them to see if they have anything good. which they always do. always. but back to my main point. i am a thrifty shopper.

i came across the michael kors watch a few weeks ago. brown and gold. tortoise shell. its gorgeous. agree?
its also priced upwards of 200 dollars. i contemplated putting it on my christmas list. then i decided to scour the web and see if there were any similar watches out there...

hello k-mart. so unexpected to see you. a trip to their store, and $15 dollars later- i was a proud owner of a look alike. 

not bad. i adore it! and it would not be the end of the world if it happened to break. i could buy 7 of these watches and it wouldnt break my piggy bank. 

on a side note- i wear my watch on the right hand because i am a very proud lefty :)

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