Tuesday, November 16, 2010

life is moving too quickly!

my life is a blur right now! it feels as if i am running a million miles a minute! i am trying to balance school, my internship, family, friends, my sorority and a handful of other clubs/organizations. not to mention my new baby- this little blog :) but, i feel as if i might have gotten off-task the past few days! this blog is about the items i OWN, and maybe a little focus on the items i WANT. so, to honor that idea- here is another outfit post!

boots, BCBG. jeans, F21. striped top, Kohl's. trench, F21. watch, K-Mart. 

it was chilly and rainy/misty this morning, so i picked my outfit as usual, and then topped it off with my sweet khaki trench coat. the first time to wear it! horray! and i love this maroon striped top from Kohl's...its so comfy.

1 comment:

  1. so cute! I long for a trench of my own :) this look is super adorable!